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FedEx Office Print & Ship Services Inc. (doing business as FedEx Office; formerly FedEx Kinko's, and earlier simply Kinko's) is an American retail chain that provides an outlet for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground (including Home Delivery) shipping, as well as printing, copying, and binding services. While FedEx dropped the Kinko's name in 2008, to the dismay of the founder, the name remains in use. Unlike its main competitor, The UPS Store, which is franchised, all FedEx Office stores are corporate-owned.

Kinkos has horrible customer service, rude staff, and a long waiting process to ship, claims Taylor N. on

"This FedEx office is the absolute worst. I have waited in line for up to an hour just to ship one package. The staff is also very rude. It is the worst customer service. I would recommend using the fedex near 3 Embarcadero center. They are much nicer and way more efficient."


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Full time Key Holder/ Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Manager does not help you on the floor just sits there and watches cameras and the company does not care about your health or wellbeing throughout COVID. Laid off employees and removed you from the benefits because you do not want to relocate an hour away. They never allow you to take days off that are at YOUR convenience and uses your vacation time instead of sick time so that you can’t take vacation. Cons: The job is horrible"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was an okay experience to start, but the store side is plagued with too many issues with hiring the right people for the job. Therefore, the mission and goals of the company take a back seat to ongoing HR issues that can and should be handled during the hiring process. Cons: Low standards and no accountability to managers. Management lacks leadership courage."

Regional Solutions Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Company only cares about profits, not the employees. Management does not provide clear directive guidance and micro manages the workforce. They embarrass people in group meetings. Cons: Micro-manage"

Print Consultant (Former Employee) says


Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Management was a complete joke. They barely trained you before they put you on the floor. The senior employees bullied the new employees. Customers constantly complained of employees showing discriminatory behavior and they were never addressed. Just a complete joke. Cons: Management And lead employees"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Same Day City Courier (Current Employee) says

"The pay for the amount of work you do is deplorable. No room to move up. The managers are all for self. There’s no union. Go to UPS or Amazon where you actually receive way better pay and benefits. Cons: Everything"

Customer Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The District Manager & Store Managers treat you like your nothing but wants you to do all the hard work with no pay compensation. Team members pretty much do the same work managers do minus the pay. Almost every other week we are told that the company wants to change something and half the time it includes us doing something that is unnecessary which customers usually laugh at. Also, customers treat you like sh** due to company policies us team members have no control over! FedEx is a very much money hungry company that doesn't care about their employees. Cons: Stressful & the pay sucks"

Store Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I have ever worked for. If you want to save your dignity and time from being wasted. Making you feel bad about you and ruining your confidence from yourself are the the only things they are good at. I have no personal grudge, its only my most honest observation. If you don't believe me now, you will remember my review only few months after hiring. God luck. Cons: Too much stress, Disrespectful mgmt. Firing people is their favorite activity."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Black Males have no chance of being managers."

Project Coordinator/Customer Consultant Representative (Former Employee) says

"at the end the employees were treated like dirt and second class citizens. we could have been given more time so that we could have prepared better. working with my first female mgr was the bomb at fedex office."

Center Manager (Former Employee) says

"i spend many year growning in the company and never felt appreciated by managers, room for growth but not in timely mammer. overworked and understaffed."

Sign Graphic Production Specialist (Former Employee) says

"poor management, work hard to make sure the managers get a big bonus for themself. a lot of discrimination with the pay rate. a super busy environment with no experience teamwork lead. Cons: Nothing"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management does not value the employees. You will work long hours by yourself with people screaming that you are understaffed. If you are thinking of working here, don't"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Worse job I ever had, manager is a micro manager,the assistant managers are not appreciated, the workers well that's what you are a worker who makes the manager look great and he could care less about the workers."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance. If you are an assistant you have to close and work all holidays open and weekends. No training little to no incentives. They play favorites and adore those who kiss butt. They work you like a dog at times you will be alone with lines out the door. If you do a good job you will not advance they will like to keep you in that spot and to do managements job at a lower cost. Those who kiss butt and bring no value advance"

Hospitality Parcel Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The Canadian Operations have went out of business for about 2 years. My manager was rude, disrespectful toward the staff. I personally was cheated out of money I was owed."


"This company is a joke. They violate as many if not all of their employees rights! The higher up the ladder the more shady and crooked they are. The company promotes based upon politics and biased. They treat their team members like replacement trash. It really is sad"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The most satisfaction I've ever had at this company was walking out 2 hours ago. If having lines out the door with no help on the floor is your game then play. This the most poorly run organization I've ever had the frustration to work for ever. There is a huge canyon of separation between corporate office and reality. They are way beyond out of touch."

Lead Center Consultant (Former Employee) says

"FedEx Office is a very stressful place to work and like most companies all they care about is how you’ll Cons: High turn over"

Center Specialist says

"I have been working at FedEx Office Cons: exceptionally low pay, way too corporate, nametags/uniforms, often feel like a glorified janitor."

Delmer Spann says

"You held my package at a warehouse for a week and then charged the receiver an extra 45 pounds to pick it up."

Nadeem Shaik says

"My package was open when it reached destination and so I lost many items from it ."

Rayan Almatrudi says

"Just bad service"

Gwe says

"Trakpak + Parcel Monkey = Scam I had two experiences with Parcel Monkey. The first order was great and was delivered on time. The second was with the carrier Trakpak and my package was declared lost. It was a package with personal items: rare books of great values. I shipped it from Brooklyn (US) to Rouen (France). They send it from US to UK and then from UK to France. While it would have been way more logical and possible to send it from US directly to France. The package was sent on July 9th 2020 and was expected to be delivered on July 28th 2020. It got stuck in transit on July 22nd and since then nothing was updated on the status of my package. Despite the fact that I sent several emails to Parcel Monkey and to the carrier company (Trakpak), I never received an answer on the status of my package or where it was. After pushing to get an answer I was finally told that my package was declared lost between UK and France... I don't understand how a package can be lost. Packages just don't disappear magically. It really shows how Trakpak is unprofessional. ParcelMonkey does not take full responsibility for the carrier's mistake. My items are lost forever. I will keep pushing as this must be illegal. Please give yourself a favor and if you use Parcel Monkey, do not use the Trakpak company. THEY ARE THIEVES!"

Jmag says

"This location at 71st and Riverside, Tulsa, is to be avoided, if you can! Since this company is so large, they seem to get away with terrible service. Let me itemize the problems at the location that I\'ve used now for a year, but today decided - never again! 1.) Not only are you not greeted upon arrival, you are not even ACKOWLEDGED! I am a big man, so hardly invisible, but I am at FedEx Kinkos! When you do get to the counter, the attitude is like \"what do I need to do to get you out of the way\" (not always, but enough to make note). 2.) The wait time is beyond reasonable. There will be 3 customers in the store, and 4 employees. Yet, only one person helping the customers, and therefore, a very long wait. 3.) I initially would bring my jump drive to have items printed. That worked reasonably well, considering the previous comments. However, an employee suggested I begin emailing to \"reduce\" my wait time, because the document would already be available when I get there. 4.) NOT! ONE TIME in the year I\'ve been going there, has the document been ready! After that, I have to endure the long wait in line (if I\'m not first), THEN wait for them to \"find\" my document. After finding, the questions on how I want it, even though the instructions are in the email (per their initial instructions to me on sending method). Here recently, after about a 12-15 minute wait, I finally get my turn :YEAH!!! Well, she had trouble finding it - real trouble. After finding it, you\'ll never guess...... The machine broke down, requiring me to come back the next day. 5.) So, now, the reason for finally bashing them on a review - I send a document today, and get the reply I usually get (\"We have this ready\"). But, the guy goes to the computer after being given my name, and says \"I don\'t see anything\", making no attempt to ask other employees whether they copied it or not. I asked if it might have been copied already, he says they don\'t do it that way (even though I know they DO!). He says give it a minute to come through. I talk to the assistant manager \"Miguel\" and tell him, \"I have an email that states the document is ready\"; He says \"resend the document\". Well, I traveled three miles to pick up the document, and to resend is to go back those three miles, and travel back to the store AGAIN. Not a fair option for a guy who has an email stating it is READY! I asked him if there are other things, like employees who could have it ready for me, and he insists that is not possible, although he doesn\'t ask any of them. He begins telling me what \"I NEED TO DO\", instead of finding the document. He then began talking down to me, as if I didn\'t go through the process correctly. I explained to him, I\'ve had a number of different instructions, depending on which employee is there, and I have followed every instruction given. He says the email I got meant nothing because it\'s just an \"auto response\". I told him I received the auto response, and that this one came minutes AFTER that response, and why would an auto response tell me my document is ready. To boil this down, this guy basically blamed me for everything, and not ONCE was I, the CUSTOMER ever told that he would rectify anything; not once did he simply say \"sir, sorry for the inconvenience, and if you\'ll just send it again, we\'ll get it right this time\". The reason I\'m angry, isn\'t because of the mistake, but because of MULTIPLE mistakes by them, and MULTIPLE differing instructions by them, and yet, this guy talked down to me, condescending and arrogant, with ZERO resolution ability, (no desire to resolve); gets the customer (me) angry, but then turns the tables like he did nothing but try to \"help me\", and my anger is unwarranted. Of course, that only made me more upset. 6.) While I know my little needs won\'t hurt their bottom line, should I stop using them, I decided to try the \"Quick Print\" that is closer to my job. I brought in the jump drive, (after going back to my job empty handed , and loaded it on there), and when I walked in the door, guess what I received? Acknowledgment/Greeting! Wow! Not once at FedEx! Then, after he took my jump drive, another customer came in, and you know what he did then? \"I\'ll be right with you in a moment ma\'am\". So, there is a place that understands customer service! I had 20 pages I needed to be copied, he got me in and out within FOUR MINUTES! I wait four minutes at FedEx just for one customer in front of me to finally get his/her comments across to the lone employee assigned to \"help\". Long story longer, this place (FedEx Kinkos) is the absolute pinnacle of poor customer service. Yes, the quality is good, but so is every other print place. Yet, the \"other\" place acts like they want customers. I don\'t know how the other \"sister\" stores stack up, but this one is the bottom end of poor. I am in the customer service industry, and have worked on every level. If I had given just half as bad service as these people, I wouldn\'t have had a job! "

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